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Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Motorcycle

ATVs and More | 07/06/2020
Your motorcycle gets you where you need to go and provides you with an enjoyable form of transport and recreation at the same time. But all that riding eventually gets your bike pretty dirty. During these uncertain times, you may also be concerned about how clean your bike is, especially if you take it to a shop or allow someone else to touch it. So you want to be safe and cautious and get your motorcycle as clean as possible before you ride it.
ATVs and More is a motorcycle dealership near St. Louis that can provide you with the help you need to keep your motorcycle in peak condition. That’s why we’ve outlined the steps you should take to wash and disinfect your motorcycle below.
1. Gather Your Supplies
Before you wash your bike, make sure that it’s cooled off; if you recently rode it, give it an hour or two for the engine to cool down. Park it on a flat surface that has good drainage like a driveway or gravel lot so that the soap and debris doesn't ruin your lawn. Try to park your bike out of direct sunlight as well to prevent it from getting soap spots (although sunlight is also a very good disinfectant, so leaving your bike in the sun in general should help to keep it cleaner!). 
Gather together everything you need to get your bike clean. These supplies include: a source of clean, fresh water (a garden hose is perfect), buckets, a motorcycle soap, a wax or polish if you so desire, a hard-bristle brush, chamois cloths, sponges and a microfiber cloth. Some people like to invest in a pressure washer that can blast off dirt and grime on surfaces, but you don’t need one. Wearing a mask and gloves can help you to stay protected from any germs your bike harbors, and you can take a shower and change your clothes once you’re done cleaning.
2. Rinse & Scrub Your Bike
Use a rag to plug up the exhaust on your motorcycle to avoid getting water in it. Take your garden hose and give your bike a thorough rinse, top to bottom. Once the bike is wet, you can mix your motorcycle soap and water in a bucket and apply it with a sponge from top to bottom, rinsing as you go to prevent soap residue build-up. Use your hard-bristle brush to get into every crevice to really get the dirt out. Rinse your sponge often and replenish the soap and water mixture in your bucket so that you aren’t cleaning your bike with dirty water.
3. Rinse Again & Dry
Now you can give your bike another rinse with the hose and either allow it to air-dry or dry it by hand with your chamois cloths to prevent water spots from forming. Some people like to use an air blower to thoroughly 
4. Wax or Polish 
If you so desire, you can now apply a wax or polish to your bike and its chrome to make it look great. A tire shine can spruce up your wheels, too. Just make sure that you use the right type of wax or polish for the materials that your bike is made from, and avoid getting polish on the seat or handlebars as this can make your motorcycle slippery. Your bike should be clean now! To maintain cleanliness, you can carry a bleach wipe to disinfect your handlebars after riding and make sure to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face.
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